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"If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,   
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it"


So, when Kipling states, "If you can fill the unforgiving minute/With sixty seconds' worth of distance run," he is saying that with every minute that you are given, make the absolute most of it that you can. "Unforgiving minute" refers to the fact that every single minute is 60 seconds long-no more, and no less.


Have you got a passion for adventure and excitement, a thirst for challenge, a curiosity for culture and landscape. Let's try and push the boundaries to your desire to explore what others haven't, or create your path and walk it.

Where did I start?

It all started for me when we were looking high and low for a project to do where we could make a difference to others. All the projects we found didn't fit with my morals or needs, we couldn't see the value in spending money that would get lost within admin and fees.
Project swallow was founded, 2 great mates and myself decided to build playgrounds for an orphanage in Kenya. This project would be funded by lots of special people and everything controlled by us, and most importantly we would know exactly where all the money was going - to the people that needed it.

Most people thought we were mad and it couldn't be done by three 18 year old lads... We were out to prove everyone wrong.

If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.


Get married with Jack

That’s right, I’m a Civil Celebrant, authorised in Australia to help make your wedding day as fun and memorable as possible. I’m 30 years old, and my passion in life is to have fun, that’s what we’re here for.

“Jack did an incredible job as our celebrant, it was so good having someone that was the same age as us, extremely fun, and got the crowd going, he wrote the ceremony for us which summed up our relationship perfectly!” Lauren and Karl.

“I'm excited to be accepted as a supplier for www.myweddingwish.org a national charity that gifts weddings to the terminally ill – check out their website” 


I’d love to be a part of your special wedding day.

I’m committed to getting to know you, and hear your story. I have a naturally calm, and friendly personality, and get very excited about seeing the best of people. I wanted to become a celebrant as I feel that the bond between two people is extremely special, I absolutely love being a part of weddings - it’s such an amazing environment, so what better way to be a part of it, than to get involved. Weddings are an incredible celebration where you can not only appreciate each other, but also show your appreciation your friends and family. I can help through the whole journey, I can guarantee we’ll have fun.

Jack has a natural calmness about him, he’s friendly and confident in conversation which would make him a great celebrant in front of a public audience as well as having confidence to ask some sensitive questions to the couple one-on-one.
— Ash Tindale
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My Wedding Wish

My Wedding Wish is a great organisation, that enable people with a terminal illness to get married without the financial worry.

Perth celebrant marriage celebrant weddings
Jack the marriage celebrant
Jack always acts in the best interest of the people surrounding him. He is a good leader of his people and well respected by his peers and friends. Jack will strive to ensure every marriage he performs has the best chance of success and provide clear direction to the key people involved.
— Scott Hazelden

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If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch
— Rudyard Kipling, If